When to use a subdomain and when to use a folder? Website creation.

The subdomain is not worse for SEO. Likewise, a directory is not worse for SEO. The key is to understand what a subdomain is and what a directory is. And in which cases to use the directory and in which cases not.

Google analyzes the subdomain as a separate site. That is, it has a specific content and structure. You only create a subdomain if you own the domain. Example trends.google.com.

The directory, on the other hand, is considered part of the main site. Or part of a subdomain.

When to use a subdomain, and when to prefer a directory? I will explain with an example that says it all.

The homepage google.com is used for searching.
Subdomain ads.google.com. Google uses this subdomain to manage ad campaigns.
The support.google.com subdomain serves as user support.
The support.google.com/google-ads/ directory serves as support for advertising questions.


The example from the practice. Folder versus Subdomain

Football and the English League. When you type manchester united into a search engine. Google assumes you want to know about manchester united. That's why it will show you the main page manutd.com, as well as wikipedia pages and other pages with basic information about the club.

But when you enter the question manchester united schedule. The main page with the matches directory appears as the first option. Where you will find the schedule of club matches.

If you want to buy a jersey and are looking for a manchester united store. Google will offer you a subdomain store.manuntd.com. Because the football club has an online store here.

Use a subdomain if you want to create the site itself. Where you want to separate content and purpose from the main site. It will be considered as a standalone website for a different purpose than its main website. Standalone website. Completely separated, as if you had two different sites arsenal.com and nfl.com. Each created for a different purpose.

Use a subdirectory if you want to create a section on the site. Which you want to have as part of the main site. Or part of a subdomain. A subdomain that is a separate site.

And what about SEO?

Directories content is included in the structure of the web with other directories that are created on a separate site / main domain and / or subdomain /.

A subdomain is a separate site. And it is not included in the structure of other subdomains, or the main domain website. Subdomains are also created to facilitate the technical operation of the website.

Is subdomain better for SEO?
Yes and No. It depends on your intention. Use a directory or subdomain of your choice.

What is the difference between a subdomain and a subdirectory?
Subdomain is the unique domain, with the unique purpose and content. Subdirectory is a section within a domain or a subdomain.

Does subdomain affect Google ranking?
No. The page content and the website structure affects the ranking. Subdomain is considered as separate website with its own ranking. Folder is considered as part of the website.

Do subdomains hurt SEO?
No. Subdomains are separate domains.

See and check the examples. Question to Google:

1/ store manchester united
2/ manchester united
3/ ads
4/ google support
5/ google ads
6/ question google ads
7/ trends.google.com
8/ trends.google.com/trends/yis/2019/US/
9/ ads.google.com
10/ support.google.com/google-ads/
store subdomain mufc

I believe that the difference between a directory and a subdomain is clear at this time. So is the purpose of creating a directory or subdomain.


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