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We will compare the two pages in the top two positions in the Google list. The first position is wordcounter-net, the second position is wordcounter-io. This consideration is intended to raise questions. It is not the aim to criticize or make advice.

Wordcounter - is certainly the service you use. When you count words, you want to check grammar and content. You want to have more options in working with text, such as saving text, overwriting suggestions, and so on. You want to check whether this text is unique or not.

When you work with text, you do not need to have all the features available. We write as we speak. But if we have a chance, why not use other features? Let's move to the review.

Wordcounter-NET website, in Google search result is on first position

Speed - the site is optimized for computers. Content rendering is fast enough. Page speed shows the average value of the first display around 3 seconds. Page speed for mobile is average. The question is who will check the number of words on the mobile phone. Probably nobody. Therefore, speed for mobile phones is not important.

SEO- great, above-average number of backlinks and keywords, you won't get first place for free

Traffic - hundreds of thousands of people a day, and everyone stays on the first page where the word counting tool is available. The traffic source is half the search. Direct link traffic from the other half. Almost half of the visitors are from India and one fifth from the United States.

Meta Tag - English language and United States

Domain age- 11 years and 7 months

Estimated value- $ 290,000 / inaccurate estimation using internet tool /

Let's take a closer look at the page's service at the top position in search. On the first page of wordcounter-net is a box for working with text. You enter text and find out the number of words and sentences. The wordcounter-net website counts 364 words, while the second wordcounter-io counts 368 words. And ask yourself why. I have entered the same text, separated by spaces. Why is the calculated word result different? After a while you will answer the question. I do not know exactly how the script counts words.

Two similar tools do not count the same number of words. And it doesn't matter in what language you enter the text. You'll notice that the first website is visited by over three hundred thousand people a day. The second site has only twenty thousand people a day. Note that both provide grammar control (otherwise they don't know what a word is), saving and deleting text. Yet, the first word counter provides more functions such as checking keyword density.

In terms of features, the first website is optimized for the target group of people who write articles on the website. It offers essential functions, plus explanatory text for each function. Links to other free site creation and review tools.

In the link to the more tools page - where they provide writing tools, you will notice that the link / page is named our-tools, the name is easy to read. This more tools page, named our tools, provides additional writing tools. I got lost in this page name for a while.

It has the option to save the page as a favorite in bold. That's why half the people visit the site directly without searching.

The text and information functions themselves are great. You will learn everything you are interested in and something extra. For example, you will learn how long you would have read / typed the text. Or how long it would take the text to read aloud / speaking time /.

The landing page explains what a word counter is and how to access the menu. There is no advertising. There is also a link to Facebook and Twitter. On the FB page over a thousand five hundred followers. Last post in March 2019. FB page established in 2013. Twitter page looks similarly founded in October 2013. Last post in April 2019.

The site has a blog about writing and using words correctly. It discusses grammar. It deals with topics directly related to writing. The blog is very comprehensive with many articles.

The website has a traffic of three hundred thousand people per day. Further analysis shows that most visits are from India. What you notice is that you don't see the ad on the page. Just a banner with a link to the next Grammarly page. It is intended to help bring users to the next page and service. Very well done linking and support of other page.

Interestingly, wordcounter-com is redirected to wordcounter-net. I wonder why the company decided to make the NET domain ending page a priority.

Wordcounter-net is an excellent site that perfectly serves users and provides them with the service they expect from word-counter sites. It is recommended to visit and use this service.

word counter net

Wordcounter-IO website, first page, second position in Google search

Speed-page is optimized for computers. The first rendering of the word counting window is fast enough, but significantly slower than the first page of wordcounter-net. The site is slower compared to the first site. The mobile page speed is insufficient. But as mentioned, users work with text on computer.

SEO- great, above average backlinks and keywords

Traffic - tens of thousands of people a day, and everyone stays on the first page where the word counting tool is available. One third of visitors come from India and the second third from the United States. The main source of visitors is from search.

Meta tag - English language, no country definition

Age of the domain - 2 years and 8 months

Estimated value - $ 14,000 / inaccurate estimation using internet tool /

It is also on the first page of Google in search for the word counter. Interesting is the IO domain extension. On the landing page there are links to more different articles and Google advertising. The ad is set to each page. The word counting tool itself has fewer options. The page looks simpler. The tool counts words and offers basic functions. But what you are looking for here is easy to find. There is a function of the number of words, sentences, pages. You'll see keyword density.

The site has a blog. According to the number of articles the main topic is the number of words. The main question is - how many words does he have? How to increase the number of words? How many words has a page? How many words is a 5 minute speech? How many words does the Bible have? How to increase the number of words? There is another section in the menu where the page deals with grammar.

You'll notice that there is a word counter bar on the landing page, and there is no option to share the page. But on the other pages, there is the option to share a page on FB, Tw and Google. The website has an FB page with the latest post in 2018. The Landing page offers users to sign up for subscribing emails - Subscribe.

If you want advertising revenue, you need to satisfy not only the users who visit your site. But you also have to comply with the business you use, to get money for the ad. You must comply with Google. If your site is viewed by users in the US or Europe. You get paid. But if visitors are from other parts of the world, then income is lower. Simply put, some visits and users won't bring you money from advertising.

Wordcounter-io is a good site that serves its purpose. The page is clear and provides the user with what he needs. From a user's perspective, the difference between this page and sites in lower Google rankings is not significant.

word counter io

Other websites from Google's first page are "count of words", "small soe tools / word-counter", "easy word count", "word count tools", "key word tool io / word-counter", "preposteo/word-counter-character-count-tool". All but two exceptions with the ending com. For two sites, Google prefers subpages.

Conclusion - despite both websites are great, number is clearly wordcounter.net

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