How to check text for plagiarism ?

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Grammarly webpage - check text for plagiarism

What is plagiarism?

The first page offered through advertising is Grammarly (this page is offered on fifth position regularly). Checking text on grammarly web is easy. Simply enter the text into the box and you get information if the text is ok. You will be informed that there are errors in the grammar. However, to get specific information, you need to have a grammarly account. Otherwise you will not learn much. Without a Grammarly account, it makes no sense to visit the site.

grammarly plagiarism

Next offered website, smallseotools - plagiarism checker page

The web page offers a text check. At the same time, it offers text rewriting and grammar checking. The site is focused on advertising revenue. To find the box where you enter text, you must first wade through the advertisement. There are many ads on the page.

The webpage text to explain how the checker works, contains less than 2,000 words. Describes what is plagiarism, and how to use the tool on the page. You paste text and press the button. There are many advertising banners in the text.

If this is first time you visit the site, then you'll be looking for a button to start the test. The test start buttons are masked.

I entered the same text as for Grammarly webpage and got similar result. But with much more detailed information. So the tool checks the text in some way and provide the basic information you need to know. Enlarge the picture.

smallseotools plagiarism

I edited the text with an activity that takes 10 seconds /and still readable/. And here you can see a new result. It means the question is, how good is the tool ?

smallseotools plagiarism

Smallseotools website is visited by over half a million people a day. On average, every user visits 1.4 pages. So people visit a specific one page with a free test tool. Over two-thirds of visitors come from India + Pakistan. US traffic is only 6 percent (32,000 users). But it is necessary to say that it is the traffic of all tools together, not just the plaqiarism checker tool.

Two-thirds of website visitors come from search engine.

On average, visitors stay on the website for 10 minutes. It is clear that a user will use multiple different tools in a single visit. The website has a twitter page, the latest post is from April 6, 2019. The site has a facebook page. The last post is from April 6, 2019. Organic keywords quantity is 16000. Total backlinks is aroung 2 milion links. Referring IPs is 11 000. 7000 backlinks is from USA domains.

Server location: San Francisco, CA. // SCOTT.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM, ZITA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM//

Speed test by Google 51 percent for desktop. Seems the owner does not care much about the speed. The site is focused on the ads display, and revenue from the advertisement. Some speed improvements is possible to make and improve the score. The site is 9 years old. Domain authority is 56.

Quetext website, plagiarism-checker tool

Another web page offered by Google is Quetext web. I tested the same modified text again. Here is the result. Quetext underlines the wrong text and at the same time shows a link to the web page where the text is located. The test result is more detailed. However, without registration there is a limited number of allowed tests.

quetext plagiarism

This Quetext website is different. When you visit the web page, you immediately see where to enter text and where to start the test. I did not find any ad on the page.

Quetext has over fifty thousand visitors per day. Each visitor see in average 2.7 pages. 80 percent of visitors come to the site from search engine. And roughly 27 percent of visitors are from the USA (1,500 visitors). One fifth of total visitors are from India.

The website has a facebook and twitter page, but basically does not use it. No new posts.

The website is 3 years and 5 months old. On average, every visitor stays on the website for less than 5 minutes. The number of backlinks is around 1,000. The number of referring IPs is 200.

Server location Dallas, TX. Domain authority is 37.

Speed test by Google is 98 percent. The page is very optimized for the desktop users.

Duplichecker website, plagiarism-checker

The next page on Google list is Duplichecker. The site starts with advertising and is strikingly similar to smallseotools.com web design. I tested the same edited text and the result is similar to smallseotools result. Website links to smallseotools website directly thru the banner.

duplichecker plagiarism

Website age 11 years. Visiting users 15 thousand per day. Half of the visitors are from India. 5 percent of visitors are from the USA. The speed test by Google shows solid 73 percent.

Server location: San Francisco, CA. // SCOTT.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM, ZITA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM//

As you can see, same server as smallseotools website.

Conclusion for the search How to check text for plagiarism ?

If you are looking for a suitable tool for free. Visit the smallseotools site. Accept the ad. Learn how to navigate the page. The question is how good is the tool. I did not study the tool in details, but most propably it is the common available free tool. Another option is to open Grammarly account or other paid service account. The choice is yours.

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