How does returning a book to the library relate to creating a website?

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Let's take a look at the library return service. It may seem that it has nothing to do with SEO and IT. But it only depends on the point of view. As we said our site tries to ask questions and view situations from different angles. Lessons can be learned from every job well done.

Bibliobox service description - returning books without visiting a librarian

Imagine a situation where you borrow a book in your library. You have no other choice, it is an old book that cannot be easily downloaded on the Internet. And it's a great book, so you want to read it. It is convenient for you to borrow the book. Lie down on a deck chair, and read the book at home.

You have read the book and you no longer need it. It's time to return the book. The library is in a place where you cannot park well. The metro is a 15-minute walk away. The book was great, and I pledged to return it in order. And since I want to use the library service again, I will return the book.

Fortunately, the library provides the Bibliobox service. On the way to work at the subway station I simply throw the book into the box. The librarian picks it up and takes it to the library. Great service, thank you, librarian.

The reader's view of the possibility of returning a book using the bibliobox service

I can return the book to the place where I go regularly - metro station. So I don't have to travel or park anywhere to return the book.

By returning the book I will fulfill my duty.

I follow the rules of the library. I can borrow more books.

Bibliobox is in a visible and easily accessible place.

Description how to return the book is directly on the box. I do not have to look for instructions how to proceed.

The service is available 24/7. So I can return a book at any time, regardless of library opening hours.

The librarian invented the service to return books to the bibliobox, why?

I can't force people to return books. I can cancel their membership. I can remind them. But that's all I can do.

Books return to the library, but I don't force people to visit the library. I save readers' free time.

The reader throws the book from his bag directly into the box. The book doesn't lie anywhere, it won't get dirty, it won't get wet.

People come to the library to borrow the book. Readers do not have to go back when they return the book to the library. In winter, doors are less frequently opened and we save on heating. 😀

I will pick up the books and return them to the system myself. I will do it when I have time to do it. I don't have to write the book off in the system immediately, as if the reader is standing in front of me waiting for confirmation.

I'll pick up a lot of books at once when I have the time.

Books will return sooner. People don't have to think of going to the library. They take the book with them on their way to work.

I have to maintain the Bibliobox. I check the box status every time I pick up books.

Contribution of an example of returning books for website creation?

Give people what they want and make their duties easier.

Offer the service in a way that makes it natural for people to use it. So that people do not have to perform extra tasks.

Service should save people time, make work easier. It must provide added value, preferably free of charge.

Easy and simple use of the service will help users to use the service regularly.

Provide and promote the service in a place that is naturally visited by the target audience.

The service description must be intuitive, clear and simple.

Take into account the side effects of what may happen during the use of the service / it may rain when reader return books/. The bibliobox must be rainproof and ideally under the roof to prevent the reader from getting wet /.

When creating a website, think not only of users, but also of yourself

Does this case remind you of the bank's service? Internet banks? Or an online store? Look at situations from the user's perspective. But also with your own view. If you provide a great service for free, but without income. You will not cover costs. How long will you be able to run this great service?

Conclusion - no matter what service or product you try. Keep your eyes open and think about the pluses and minuses. Use pluses in your work and analyze risks. Minimize minuses.

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