Article Spinning versus Article Rewriting

This is a question that comes up often. Especially when we took over SpinChimp and redeveloped it into ChimpRewriter, which is both a rewriting tool and a paraphrase tool. The change of brand caused a sensation.

In other words: the article rotation generates multiple copies of a content and the article rewrite rewrites it once.

Article Spinning Article Spinning Depending on who you ask, people like or hate article spinning. In some circles, he got a bad name from the treasure of dubious Internet marketers who did it wrong. Do not be that guy!

Article Spinning versus Article Rewriting

What the bad guys are doing is taking an article from a website, plugging it into an item spinning software and letting it run automatically on the lowest quality settings. That means they get a unique article that can generate a senseless amount of copies.

It also means that they end up with a load of garbage that no one can read.

The rotation of articles is always an important force when done correctly. In fact, we know of some very popular, professional and successful SEO services that use article spinning. In public, they call it "rewriting articles," but in the end it's the same thing. But the main difference is that they use a small volume. For example, they can generate 10 to 20 versions of an article and submit them to the key properties of the Web 2.0 network or private blogs.

Another key difference when professionals do it, is that the rotation / rewrite is almost completely manual. This means that you have to browse the article and add complete replacement sentences using the brilliance of the human brain (which absolutely can not be replaced by a computer mixing parts of a sentence). Then, go through and add phrases and words to create an extremely unique and readable article.

This is where the automatic rotation comes in. Using a contextual part of the speech engine, ChimpRewriter analyzes the text and breaks it down into nouns, verb, adjectives, and so on. He will mix names with nouns, verbs with verbs .... and you have the idea. It's critical. BUT, if you have not already added paragraph or phrase replacements that differ significantly from the original (and not just moved), you're wasting your time!

When to use the rotating article? In general, article spinning should be used for off-site promotional activities. This means that you must submit generated content to Web 2.0 and blogs. With a very elaborate article, you'll have several unique variations to submit to Web 2.0 properties and blogs. Yes, it still works and will continue to. You can submit to article directories if you wish, but after Panda, their effectiveness is almost zero. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using an article rotation software to generate articles for this purpose!

Rewriting Articles Article Rewriting Have you ever done a research job or essay at school? How often did you sit down with a blank piece of paper and just start writing about it?

I guess it's not very often, if ever. Even the speakers told us how to do things right: "Research and summarize them in your own words".

Anyone who tells you that they have attended school and university without using the thesaurus feature of Word is either lying, ineffective or having too much time.

Article rewrite is exactly that. Take content and rewrite it in your own words. The end result has essentially the same meaning, it reads simply differently and can leave traces of your own opinion. This is the basis of almost ALL the information you will read on the web. There is really very little original content in the grand scheme of things.

In the end, article rewriting is entirely acceptable as long as you do not export the content word for word!

When to use the rewrite of articles? Easy. When you want content for your actual website or a high-level promotional website, such as a high-level blog. Rewrite an article is like writing an essay that you would give to your speaker and that you would be proud of.

Here is the basis for almost every article ever written: Search, Rewrite, Add Images and Submit.

Follow this simple strategy and you will have all the content you need. It's relevant, and definitely works.

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