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count english words
Article Rewriting, How and Why get inspiration from old articles ?
What is the word one, how to use it ?
Modern english grammar, how , what, why ?
English grammar who and whom ?
What is article spinning ?
Plagiarism checker

We were looking for plagiarism checker. Surprisingly, the website offer is not wide. We went through three pages and offer a look at the situation.Read More

WordCounter search

We were looking for wordcounter. The first two positions are occupied by the wordcounter-net and wordcounter-io pages. We visited both websites. And let's comment on the site. We counted a few words, went through the services offered and displayed the text information.Read More

Book Box

Remember the times when you borrowed books or literature in the library? This is still common practice in many countries, especially for books not available on the Internet. Let's look at a simple book return service. In more detailed analysis, you will find that you can return books easy. This service can teach you different approach to website creation.Read More

How does seo.page.xyz create reviews for crawled pages?

The goal of the consulting firm is to raise the client's income. Increase brand awareness, boost sales. This means paying loans to the bank, and securing employees with a steady income. And this must be the goal of every consulting and advertising company. You must offer and deliver added value. Attendance without increasing income will not bring anything to the client. That's why we review every ad campaign, or a change in corporate philosophy by the question - What is the outcome? What has the change brought to the company? And what did the change bring to customers?

If you are interested in commenting on your website, write us a request. We will read and comment your site to the best of our knowledge. We will make an effort to make a new comment once a week. We post comments on the "Reviews" page.

How do we write website reviews?

*We ask ourselves questions!

*We will read the site content from the user's perspective

*We'll try to find your page on Google, based on the content of the article we've read

*We'll find pages similar to yours and make a short commented comparison

*Consider the content, features, and structure of your site

*We will test the speed of pages with available tools and also in real life on PC and mobile phone

*According to available data, we look at your visitors, and from what sources users come from

*We'll visit your site on social media

*We will write a final comment

*We will publish the article

Note: you can request a revision of the website, without publishing an article. This option is subject to a charge. We'll give you direct suggestions for the changes. Where we see weaknesses and strengths. Attention, we do not accept orders for website improvement. Yet, we can accept a contract to manage your project. We don't program, we don't write, we lead!

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