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Why Domain extension XYZ ?

I have been thinking about the domain name for a long time. Especially over the domain extension .xyz. I checked how Google looks at domain extensions, I went through people's comments and experiences. Still I was indecisive. Finally, I noticed that Google registered abc.xyz . Google use the domain name for Alphabet company. The big project they work on. I understood that the statement, Google evaluates pages not websites, or domain names is true. The only thing which matter is the catchy domain name for the people. So what better domain name can be than page.xyz ? Yes there are many, but you need to consider the price and other factors. The word page in english is premium name, and the word page in french is premium name as well. With the domain name page, we have chance to develop catchy subdomain names in almost every sector. In english and in french language. For example wheather.page or meteo.page , or immobilier.page, maison.page, seo.page, losangeles.page, blog.page or many others. And the domain extension xyz is true neutral. PAGE.XYZ is the project.

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How I see Google Search Engine:

Imagine that you have the power to offer people a link to information that you think is right. You have tremendous power and even greater responsibility. If you prefer links from one seller to another, the situation may not be dangerous. People lose or get a job. A company makes more or less money.

If you display information that can influence public opinion. You can change people's minds. This is a real responsibility.

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