What is website and what is important in creating web page?

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Website is a collection of several web pages. Which you can read through the browser. The landing page is the entry to the web site. And it contains links to other separate web pages. The web pages brings individual or related topics.

Here I would like to comment on the creation of a new website. I am not a writer, I write in points or paragraphs. I write chaotically and disorderly. With your help, I believe that the content of this chapter will be perfected.

Principle: if I don't know I have to be able to ask / know the terminology of the field correctly and accurately. Google will find the answer, in the country you define and for the time period you specify. Want to know the average power consumption in or all of over the past year? Formulate exactly the question. Do you want to know how to write a script or speed up a website? Ask Google.

Creating a new website, don't hurry, think!

1/ Think about content and concept for three days before you start to write articles.

2/ Domain name is so important that you should think about it for a week and look for the best option.

3/ The domain extension is important, but not critical. It may not be com, other variations can be used successfully. But beware if someone already registered com domain extension for your name. If you choose the same name, think twice. Com domains are most recognised and it is not good to confuse the users. Your page should have a unique title.

4/ The most important and essential thing is to realize what you want to create. What the content and purpose of the page should be. On what continent, in which country or city you want to reach customers. You want the site to make money. Or just provide information to people in a particular field ? Or provide a service, promote a company, sell goods? If you only want advertising revenue, then check your topic and estimate the traffic. Visitors from which country, which source. Google do not pay the high amount for visitors from some countries. At the same time do not be naive, do not try to push into an area where is big competition. To succeed in the competitive area means, coming up with perfect service and information every week. So that users have some reason to come back to you. Ask yourself, can I be better and cut a share of the cake from existing sites? If you answer yes, then start. It is advisable to focus on a narrow segment of the market first and expand the scope later. Come with specific information from or London. Browse and think about competitor websites. Ideally, the competitors websites turns into an engine that boosts you to the next level.

New website, how to start preparing?

5/ Point number one is mobile approach. The site must be first of all mobile-friendly. Mobile design can be customized for desktop. But opposite way is difficult. Don't start with desktop design, think mobile first approach. This is related to page speed and web page structure. Here chapter about Website speed. How to speed up a website?

6/ I will mention the social networks. Don't try to compete with these giants. If you want to create and share videos. Set up a YouTube account, you won't program a better site. If you want a discussion forum, then believe that you do not technically overcome Facebook. But social networks have one drawback. They are only used by registered users. Look at the number of users of each service, as well as on what continent they operate and with what rules / China /.

7/ If your choice is to create a website. And not just social networking sites, then read on. Content is critical to your readers. The text and content of the website takes precedence over design and features. Take a look at the Simpsons series. Long aired and successful cartoon series. Are there the latest movie tricks? They're not. Still, the show is very popular thanks to its content. That is your goal. Quality web site content.

8/ The registration of a domain name can be considered as the beginning of a website. You can establish a new page on a domain that the owner let expired. Expired / Deleted domain. With this approach, you can get links to your site from other domains. This method is suitable if the previous owner had the same focus area as you. But do not cheer. This approach may not work and your page may not gain anything from the previous page. How to register Domain Names, should you prefer expired or new domain name? Of course, you can register a new domain. However, always check whether the domain has already been registered and what is domain history!

9/ Do not look at page creation as a reading page in a magazine! The browser reads the website first and then displays it to the user. Keep this in mind when thinking about the structure of the page. And insure accurate, fast rendering and display of the web page. How the browser works, you can find here How Browser works ?

10/ Keep the content on the page specific with acceptable text length. If you need to break down more, use the next page. Imagine endless text, how long it would load and who would be willing to read it. Conversely, a page with a few words is probably a video or image page. Always keep in mind the web page content, the users and Google bot. More detailed information you can find on Ahrefs website - SEO basics blog, 5 step guide to SEO Success.

11/ Sandbox period. Is there or is it a myth? Imagine you're new to the industry. No one knows you, no one knows your skills. It is logical that no one except your relatives will recommend you. People have no reason to do so. First you have to prove that you can offer something to people. And similarly, it is with the website. Show your value to people, say it to Google, and bring quality content to your audience every week. Google will then offer your site as a source of information.

12/ Meta Tags, Titles, content. Google considers your website as a whole when ranking. If you write "boiled fish" in the title but on the web page the text is about tulip growing. Google will not treat your web page as a boiled fish article. Write the text you want to bring to people and then create meta tags and title. The content, title and description should match.

14/ Backlinks. Ideal links for your site are links from sites that deal with a similar or same topic. Forget EDU links. They either come alone or you will never have them. Do not waste energy on gems that are difficult to obtain.

15/ Google reviews pages by text. He can't do anything else yet. But people are most interested in audio and video. If you're adding a video or image, make sure you make the correct description for Google. Bot must know what video or image is on the page.

10/ Website testing tools. Let me say that the basic tools are and will be free. The rest depends on your reasoning and abilities. Pay only for the added value and time that the SEO agency has given you. Do not pay for Free Tools.

Policy: Don't know what to post on the page? Ask people what they want and if you can, give it to them! Follow trends. And read what the term evergreen topic means.

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