What is successful Seo and where to find reliable sources ?

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successful seo is not magic

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What is Seo is a very frequently asked question. You can find the answers on many websites. The definition of SEO is only one, although it appears in many modifications. In the links below the heading, you can find reliable sources for answering the question "What is SEO?". And you can read many minutes on the subject. In this article, we will consider the term SEO, but also consider what SEO is actually good for. And what's more important than SEO? The achieved result is more important. Achieving the desired result is successful SEO.

Definition SEO - Search engine optimalization

When you say SEO, many people imagine individual tools and website testing. Find bugs, review links, check text, keywords, social shares, meta tags, and more. All of this is done for one purpose. Bring the status of your website closer to the ideal known website description. It means that Google will rank your web page as one of the best reply for a particular query. And displays your web page on the first position. You work on readability and clarity of the content. So that readers return and visit your website again and again. You provide to Google bot accurate and complete information about the website. You ensure idexing of the right keywords that readers are looking for. You ensure web page fast loading. Read SEO Tips Seo Tips by Ahrefs

For example, the question. Who is the best tennis player in the world? You can say that the answer is easy. There is ATP ranking that is updated weekly. And every sport site publishes the information. You're right. If you run a sports website, you certainly bring this information in the section tennis. This does not mean that your site is ranked on the top position in search for "who is the best tennis player?" Thousands of sports sites bring this information. For each country, there may be a different tennis page at the top of Google search. And most importantly, readers have the favorite pages stored in the browser. The sites they visit regularly. Without using search engine. So what is SEO? Optimizing your site and getting more traffic. Use your best to achieve the goal. Deliver content that has a long lifetime. Plus the users must know there is always some new information on your website.

What is SEO service and what is SEO agency about?

The work of SEO agency is not just to prepare a website technically. The work continues with the analysis of competition. And it should also address the weakness and strength of the client. Never criticize or comment. Take the situation as current status. And take the website to the next level in the eyes of users and Google. The result of the work must be reflected in higher traffic to the website. More orders and higher client income.

The most important information is to know who the client is, and what is the campaign goal. Sometimes the client's expectations cannot be met. At this point, it is necessary to justify why you cannot achieve the objectives. What is the obstruction point. Communication with the client is very important. It is necessary, right from the beginning, to define the space where the client wants to realize advertising. Who is the target audience. Local advertising differs significantly from global advertising. There are also significant differences between sectors. It is not necessary to stress that the campaign in different countries has different specifics. If client input only sounds, I want to be on the first page of google search. Then be sure to read the next paragraph.

Google advertising, first position and traffic

The study shows that on some questions, pure search traffic is minimal. Some questions are answered directly by Google. Without having to visit the website. Google other companies will answer some questions directly too. And then you naturally visit their site. Another category is paid advertising. If you pay, then you automatically favor your position over other companies. You pay for keywords. You are automatically in a higher position than your non-paying competitor. If both businesses pay at the same time, the ad for the business website that pays more is shown first. Regardless of SEO, links and nice web design. The situation may seem easy. You pay and I'm high in search. Not so. Another factor comes into play. And that is people. When, where and what people are looking for. And how to link people's behavior most effectively with advertising.

It is the task of an advertising agency to know and study people's behaviour. And use the knowledge for the campaign success. Of course you don't know how people in Toronto speak and think. You need to know and use available sources of information, to find Toronto people behiviour. So that you reach the campaign goals. The information source is the company, which you pay for the keywords. Google.

If you pay for advertising, you know that not all people visit paid links. A certain group of people automatically skip paid links. What percentage of people do this is a good question.

Advertising, however, will continue to generate sales and traffic. From the user point of view, it is important that the website delivers the latest and accurate information. And no matter of the advertising and technical parameters of the site (except for speed and readability).

When you are afraid of hard work, do you deserve to succeed ? Do not give up successful SEO !

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