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Nearly all web pages on Internet have the button to share a page. This gives readers the opportunity to pass on your website and share it with the other readers. For example, on your mobile phone, you have an automatic direct share via Android option. There is also a direct share option on youtube and other social networks. This is not a coincidence. Most people visit daily some social network. And they share the content with their friends via link or directly with the social network's sharer tool. As social media are very popular, no need to explain more.

What are your options how to implement the share button ? You can embed a free social sharing widget, to boost your webpage. For example, free service Addthis. Easy one link of code. When you sign up for a sharing service, you set which website you want the widget to link to. What webpage the tool should share. Plus you receive every week the statistics report.

But using external services means adding an external resource request to your page. Be sure not to put this widget at the top of the page. Most free widget services will connect you to resources that the browser will render / images, format, css, properties /. Paste the sharing tool at the bottom of the page.

Another way how to share webpage content is to create a share button using one of the free generators.

One example of a website without widgets and scripts can be found at the Free Website Template. The web page content sharing is managed by css and free sharer function. You specify url to share and social media option/ and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will take care of the sharing/.

You can create the social sharer completely free and without script. Or load scripts only after rendering the page from an internal source. The choice is yours. Most of social networks still allow the use of free "sharer". Simply, one line of code lets you share a page. When you use the sharer function of social media, be sure to follow the format, so social media networking service can communicate with your page. Facebook, Twitter and others require the slightly diffferent format. In other words, you must submit a sharing request in the format that the social network requires. Here one of the free social share buttons generators - Outtale: social-media-button-generate.

When you already have Content Sharing feature without the external service, do step two. Define icon size, social bar location and properties. If you do not violate copyright, you can keep the icons stored on your server and give them the correct format. Therefore, the user does not have to download images from an external source on the first visit.

The functionality and appearance of your free social sharer you can verify in a code editor, such as CodePen or W3schools.

Sharing buttons must not disturb the reader. It must be an option to share the content without extra conditions. You can load the icons as a image. Or you can load favicon buttons. For favicon option, it is necessary to set the correct font and css. In the example shown on these pages, the buttons are saved to the server in svg format, and then the social bar is adjusted to the correct size and position. When you click on the share option, the action is performed by opening a new window. You must be signed in to the social network where you want to share the content. For example, if you are not logged in to Facebook, you will be taken to a page to log in or sign up for Facebook.

An elegant solution to allow readers to share web page content is by using a signpost / share icon. You click on the icon to expand a sharing menu. By this way, the user can choose from many social sites where to share the content. And you do not need to display many social share buttons on the webpage. You don't have to display thirty social icons.

Viewing your article on a user's timeline can bring you more readers directly. Sharing icons are an important element of the page. This is not a decisive factor for the needs of SEO and Google. Social media activity is just one of the factors. The truth is that if an article or website isn't shared on social media, it's unusual.

sources: Outtale, AddThis, W3schools, CodePen

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