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A set of sitelinks to find important information, resources, and tools to check your website's quality. List of websites we recommend to visit. You certainly know other great seo.page.xyz and resources. We'll be happy if you suggest adding more important resources.

Note: seo.page.xyz website is not fully tested by all listed tools. We focus more on asking questions about the topics rather than creating detailed manuals on how to build a website.

Use multiple tools to check your website. Not all algorithms are the same, you can get different results when checking. We wish you many ideas to improve your site.

SEO important information sources, develop yourself to master class

Ahrefs-legend, evergreen articles, updated when need to be updated, read about all ranking factors, detailed guide to your website questions, except teaching Seo community provides paid tools

Moz-visit Moz SEO learning center, Seo training and question / answers pages, blog is great source of information and provides some free seo.page.xyz

Baclinko-blog is really high level Seo teacher, you can subscribe for the free newsletter

Yoast-need learn Seo for word press? no problem, Yoast is your new teacher and plugin shop source, read and learn about Seo

Sitepoint-reading for the time you do not code your amazing website, read books, check blogs and articles from IT world

Website coding and editing-learn and check the result

W3schools-legend, teacher, try-it editor, where you code you need sometimes the guide

CodePen-editor and great source of small scripts examples

Quackit-create website, create blog, explanation of html, css, and script basics

OnPageTricks-a lot tools you use when writing or coding new website

Responsive test-check your running website on different screen resolutions

Codeverter-editor, encoder, xml, json, css, html, all you need

Compressor- compress your files after you have the function website, you save kB on every page

Minify-minify your code, css, js, html or decompress the code

CSS guide-this link teach you about Async way of thinking, on website you find all about CSS

TinyPNG-decrease size of your images, it is crucial speed factor, plus the quality on the acceptable level

Writing and everything, wordcounter, keyword density, grammar sources

Count the words of your blog or simple article: seo.page.xyz
Hemingway-known as one of the bestsellers writer in history will guide you how to improve your article, check readability, count the words, do proposals, great writing tool

Google trends information-filter what people search for in your region, or in your niche, free and amazing tool

WordCounter-count the words, check the reading or speaking time of your article, keywords density and link to Grammarly, if you want

Preposteo-count, check plagiarism, keywords, rewrite tools, or seo score checker, many small tools to test your article

Grammar checker-basic grammar checker for free

Free website speed testing tools-test your website speed

Google Page Speed test-desktop and mobile speed testing by Google directly

Varvy Page Speed test-desktop, mobile speed test, with the comments, explanation and the guide what to do next, with the links to the website speed related articles and guides

Free and Complex Speed test-must say again Free and absolutely great speed test of your website

GtMetrix-free website speed test, with the detailed waterfall data, and the guide what it is and how to read website waterfall data

GtMetrix-detailed guide of watter fall chart

SEO free and paid testing tools-check them all

Neil Patel-one of the best-selling authors, and in this decade living SEO legend, use his free SEO tool to check your website

SeoSiteCheckup-free easy tool, the page offers the paid service as well

Serp free check - the tools tells you much anout your website, SERP check

Smallseo.page.xyz-offers plenty of test, from SEO, keywords, plagiarism, back links check to image crop tool, run with ads

Sitechecker-easy SEO tool, free and paid service

Woorank-seo checker and audit tool

SemRush-check, seo, social signals, paid traffic and much more

Moz-seo toolbar, download and run, deliver metrics when you visit website

Free Back links checkers, Back links everywhere

OpenLinkProfiler-test your site, find the links and the back links influence on your rating, provide search engine position checker, visibility score and for example keywords check

Back links checker by Neil Patel-provides more free tools and add from time to time new tools, for example competitors analysis keywords checker

Small Tools

Monitor back links

Broken Links checker

Do you Need to hire freelancer or buy script ?

Codester - buy and sell scripts, php, javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, C++

HotScripts-buy scripts, templates, ASP, HTML5, sort by most popular or newest added

Envato marketplace-scripts, templates, apps everything you can dream of

Freelancer-known and trustworthy site to hire coders, writers, many languages and continent freelancers

Fiveer-hire coder, digital marketer or translator, become the seller, check the site

Upwork-hire agency, or freelancer for marketing, coding, writing, work with known brands as Airbnb, Microsoft

SeoClerk-marketplace, sell and buy all you need

YoLancer-hire seo person or company, digital marketing, writing, and so on

Legiit-if you check Fiveer, check Legiit, similar marketplace, very much similar but different

Domain name registration-all what you need to check before the domain purchase

WayBack Machine-check how the domain name/ website looked in the past, archive service save the print screens of existing active websites

WhoIs checker website, provides hosting, cloud nad other services

Who.Is-who is owner of the domain ? the reply is here, website is linked with name.com and offer buying and selling domains, hosting and so on

Sedo-domain names marketplace, selling, buying, broker services-they do everything around the domain names

Escrow-expert on domain transfers, and broker services, secure payments, have you agreed the price with seller , use escrow service for transfer of the domain and the payment

Expired Domains-website collecting expired, deleted or soon deleted domain names information from marketplaces, Godaddy,Namejet, Flippa or just expiring domains, you can filter domains by the extension, by Alexa rank or other filters

DomComp-domains prices comparison and availability checker

Bulk domain names checker-filter domain extensions, see marketplace domain names and premium domain names price

Google free website tools and guidelines-don't forget the big boss

Search Console


Guidelines-this link teach you how to tell Google about multi language sites, region sites, you can browse the guidelines

Maps Google guide

Seo starter guide

Structured data testing tool

Rich result test

Mobile friendly test

Next tools worth to mention

Sucuri-security check and malware scanner, are you afraid that your website is hacked ? use simple basic tool or ask Sucuri for help. Here you can also learn the security basics on the main page articles.

Siteprice-Website basic information, traffic, price, fast simple information you should double-check by some detailed website tool

Hypestat-very good website information tool, you will learn traffic, IP address, age of the websites, links in and out, social media activity, there is a lot of information about websit, do not take information for granted, different tool will work differently with the different result

Social media signals counter-input your webpage and you receive the fast reply about social signals

Image compressor-optimize and compress images, shrink JPEG and PNG images small size and keep the quality level

Image converter to ico format, anything you want to convert yo can convert here

Google snippet optimizer - check how your website look in Google search

AddThis-easy to implement social sharing buttons, available for AMP websites, you receive free every week report about how many times your page was shared,

Cookie script-easy and fast implementation of cookie info on website with link to wikipedia article about cookies

Create social sharing buttons with Outtale, without using 3rd party service - free and easy buttons generator

SearchJournal-read about Google analytics, basics

Free Logo Maker-pick text, slogan you niche and color scheme, when you are happy, download your Logo

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