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think about domain name

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When you know what website / service you want to build. It is time to start thinking about the name of the website. Most good names are not available. This is the fact. Google says, your domain name does not affect your ranking in Google search result. So you can choose whaever name you want. The advice you get from many people, is to set up your own brand. A name that will be short and concise. A name that is easy to remember. Let me give you an example, Lindt chocolate. In most countries, the word Lindt alone does not mean anything to shoppers. No content. But people can associate this word with chocolate (it is on the cover). Therefore, when you say the word Lindt, people think of chocolate. And associate the word with the product. This is a brand.

It takes time to build a brand position and it is not easy to convince users that you are a brand. The word which associates directly with the product.

You can look at the situation from a Google Bot perspective or from a user perspective. Google said the domain name does not play a role in placement. So, then I suggest you look at choosing a name from the perspective of your users.

What word characterizes your product? What word can people easily remember?

Whatever domain name you decide, you should always check whether the domain name was already registered or not. And what content the website displayed. You can check the history of the website by using the archive service. On web.archive.org - WayBackMachine. You enter the domain name in the search. And if the service has taken the printscreen of the website, you can look back in time at the website.

What does the domain ending determine and why is it important?

Certainly the domain extension is important. The ending tells the user for which country the website is created. If you create a website for France. Select the FR domain extension. Why ? Ordinary people in France read and write French. It is therefore clear, that they will be looking for a French website. You can have a website with a different ending and publish a French version at the same address. But from the user's perspective, this is not the same. The ending FR is a French page. So if you want to link a webpage to a particular country, you should prefer the country ending. For a more detailed analysis of domain extensions, read GreenGeeks: domain extensions.

Domain ending com. It is the most respected and sought after domain endings. Websites ending with com are considered to use for worldwide audience. In the United States, the ending com is taken for granted. Because the ending "us", unfortunately, has not a very good position. Many world companies use the ending com. At the same time, they also use the local endings of the states in which they operate.

If you are looking for advice, here it is: do you focus website on one state or one language? Use the country ending. Do you want to operate in the US or around the world? Try to register the ending com, or net, or org. However, you do not need to follow the advice, it depends on the focus of your website. For example, domain ending io, short and striking. Anyone in the IT community views the ending as safe and no one is afraid to visit the website because ending "io". The domain extension is trusted.

Credibility of the domain ending. It is a very important point. Mentioned ending "us". Designed for the United States. Unfortunately, it has a bad reputation and is linked to inappropriate sites. This is how the domain extension "us" is viewed by users. Therefore, this domain extension is cheap. Therefore, many companies do not use the ending "us". So if you register a domain, check how users view the domain extension.

We vote you build your own brand. However, if you are able to register insurance.com, do not hesitate for a second 😎

Shall I register expired domain name, yes or no?

In general, the rules already mentioned apply. If you have the option and the domain is great, register it. Whatever the history of the domain is. Historical data can be corrected. It may take a while, but if the domain name is great, feel free to buy. Note - even if you think nobody has ever used a domain name, it's always better to verify it.

I have to mention, that many people are tracking domains that will expire soon. And if there is a good domain name that the original owner will not renew. Then the battle for the domain will be fought before the deadline. This means, deleted domain names are already viewed and checked by domain names traders.

What can be the complications when registering a expired domain? The URL was used for spam, the site is listed as suspicious and is in the Google registry. The site is flagged as bad and weak, or inappropriate. You'll see inappropriate content in your URL history. The name is associated with a registered trademark. Links pointing to this domain's URL are inappropriate.

In addition to the aforementioned check in the web archive, also check how many times and how many users have the domain name already registered.

Use a link-checking tool pointing to the URL. From which domains, countries and language. The purpose is to avoid suspicious domains.

Why should you consider buying an expired domain name at all? If you find a suitable name, the site was not suspicious. And the website was even engaged in the same or similar area as yours. Then you can get free links to your new fresh website. Of course the situation is more complicated. It depends on many other factors. Such as the relevance of links to the website, from which sites, from which IP addresses, and so on. But this is not the purpose of the article.

If you decide for the expired domain name, check yourself or hire a person to verify the domain history. And ensure to clean up the domain from inappropriate influences.

Next option is to buy active website

Buying active website because of the good domain name is common. This option is more expensive, but very often used by big companies. The buyer usually ask for help the domain agent to negotiate the conditions with the domain owner. Very rarely big companies approach directly the domain owner. Instead the agent speaks to the owner and tries to negotiate the terms of sale. The agent - intermediary - the hired firm, guarantees the transfer of the domain and money transfer to the seller. He charges a commission for this service.

The domain name or active domain, you can buy on the markets of specialized companies. Domain marketplaces. Some of them for example: flippa.com, namejet.com, sedo.com. You can bid on the listings. Or you can hire an expert to reach the domain owner. Of course you can do it yourself as well and can agree the price of the deal in advance. Before you contact the escrow service. But I do not recommend to complete the deal without domain escrow service.

The reasons for buying can vary. Mostly this is a holy domain name, given the needs of the buyer. However, it is possible to buy a domain to gain a competitive advantage. Not only a good domain name, but also because the domain has already high traffic. Your future customers come to the site to receive content on a regular basis. This is the opportunity. Often, individuals or businesses earn their living by building a website and selling it. So from the beginning they are working on a project which, when it brings earnings or traffic, will be sold. Similar to the normal business world when selling businesses.

Another category is buying and selling domains for resale only. Without building a website. The registrant knows that the domain name is worth. He buys the domain and then sells the name on demand. If there is a new technology or trend in the world, and a com domain with the exact name is available, do not wait. Consider whether a domain name can be purchased 😊. In general, there is great competition in this area. All you need is internet connection, knowledge, experience and money.

I believe that you will choose the domain name correctly. The name that will help you to succeed.

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